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Fixed Ops Solutions is here to help you succeed in the Automotive Repair Industry.  Our founder, Chris Schaubert, has over 10 years of experience in the dealership world where he most recently served as the General Manager at a Nissan/CDJR dealership. 


Fixed operations is our passion.  We focus on the customer experience as well as the employee culture.  Fixed Ops Solutions was founded with the intention to help improve all areas throughout a dealership.

We are available for consulting and training in many areas, as outlined in our services.  We want to work with your entire team to capture your vision and bring it to life.  Each partnership is designed to listen to your concerns, inspect problems and work together to find solutions that generate success.


To make an impact in the automotive repair industry through expert training, full department analysis and making positive adjustments for success.

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Chris Schaubert is an expert in fixed operations. He is passionate about helping dealerships improve their bottom line and customer experience.  He will help you improve back end processes, also, increasing employee satisfaction and retention. 

Founder of Fixed Ops Solutions, Chris began his career in the automotive industry over 10 years ago. Now, Chris is ,confidently, familiar with all aspects of a dealership and where opportunities lie to improve operations and the bottom line. It was just prior to becoming a General Manager that Chris was a Fixed Operations Director. “Being in fixed operations gave me a huge respect for the hard-working people of the automotive industry- the people turning wrenches, helping customers, and writing up tickets for customers. I gained knowledge of how to operate more efficiently, create more production, and move more product in a way that builds a better culture and experience for the employees while also gaining profits for the dealership.” Chris now takes that learning and shares it with his clients and as a speaker at industry conferences. Contact about your needs or to invite Chris to speak.

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